Women sunglasses 2018: stylish trends, models and novelties of sunglasses 2018

Sunglasses are an accessory, which can be called the highlight, finishing the fashionable bow. You can always wear classics that aren’t out of fashion, but a bold and truly catchy image can only be realized with the help of a bright trend. So let’s talk about what rules to observe when choosing women sunglasses 2018, and also learn about the most peak innovations in sunglasses 2018 segment of fashion that designers have prepared for us.

sunglasses 2018, trends and models of women sunglasses 2018

Women sunglasses 2018: can you choose?

Transparent lenses 

It seems that these are glasses for correcting the vision, but they have built-in special lenses simulating this or that optical goal.

sunglasses 2018, sunglasses with transparent lensesThe main stunt of transparent lenses is their shape and stylish rim finish. Animalistic and floral prints are in trend. Rhinestones, an interesting version of the lintel and douches are also fashionable. Glasses with transparent lenses are in women sunglasses 2018 trend.

“Cat’s Eye”  

In sunglasses 2018 trend the cat’s eye reached its apogee: the outer corner of the frame becomes more and more elongated, adding an image of bold extravagance and playfulness.

sunglasses 2018, cats eye sunglasses 2018However, many fashion designers, for example, from Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and Antonio Marras, give it some futuristic notes with the help of mirror glass and a small rim. And Illesteva and Victoria Beckham decided that such glasses look best in the frame of bright colored plastic frames.

Sunglasses 2018: oversized and aviator style


This actual trend gradually penetrates into all segments of collections, so designers offer to complement stylish bows with huge sunglasses 2018 covering most of the face.
For example, fashion designers from Alice + Olivia offer to wear huge round glasses with a brightly decorated rim. Bibhu Mohapatra and Carven adapt for this trend the classic aviators. Michael Kors accentuates the huge glass marble color of the frames. And Phillip Plein almost completely abandoned the rim in favor of hyper-lenses.

women sunglasses 2018, oversized sunglasses 2018

Aviator: a bounty from men

This form can safely claim the title of fashionable long-liver. Nevertheless, they become more geometric and futuristic, edged with colored plastic frames and painted in the most incredible colors. This trend is perfectly evident in Versace and Carven, which complemented the aviators with double handles. Gucci, Chloé, Chanel, Stella McCartney and Christian Dior preferred retro light raids. And Philipp Plein offered to wear aviators with completely darkened or absolutely transparent lenses.

women sunglasses 2018, aviator sunglasses 2018

Women sunglasses 2018: Lennon’s, ombre and colored lenses


Blue lenses 

The blue lenses are another novelty of women sunglasses 2018.

sunglasses for women 2018, sunglasses with blue lenses 2018You can see a tasty cornflower blue tint in Mulberry and Chanel shows, or even smooth ombre transitions, like those of Fendi. The frames can be quite diverse: there are variants of celestial glasses framed in white plastic, thin silver metal or transparent variants decorated with pearls, crystals, and modeling.

Colored lenses 

Fashion for brightness led to the appearance of different colors: including lilac, red, yellow, orange and green colors. The designers decided that modern technologies make it possible to realize practically any shade of delicate colors.

sunglasses for women 2018, sunglasses with colored lenses 2018



sunglasses for women 2018, ombre sunglasses 2018


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