Feng Shui for love: 9 effective rules for attracting love energy

Elements of Feng Shui have long been firmly established in our lives, many have become convinced that Feng Shui works, and gives positive attitude in planning their lives. Here are basic Feng Shui for love rules.

Feng Shui for love, 10 Feng Shui rules for attracting love

Feng Shui for love: what to choose is up to you


Peonies promote love, vivid sexual relations, passion, and pleasure. You need to arrange for apartment live flowers or their images, as well as smells with notes of peony. This is one of useful Feng Shui for love elements.

Feng Shui for love, peonies and mandarine birds in Feng Shui


In south-west of house, you need to install birds of love: mandarin ducks or any other pairs of birds. Never put these birds one by one, any bird must necessarily be paired.

Female and male energy

It isn’t necessary to hang images of women in house, because they carry female energy. Decorate walls of rooms with pictures of handsome men, this contributes to increase of male energy. Man looking for beloved acts on the contrary, he hangs only photographs and pictures of adorable girls.

Feng Shui for love, female and male energy, crystals in Feng Shui


Activators of love sector are also crystals. Rhinestone of round shape or pink quartz is very powerful means to attract love. Stones should be periodically washed and lowered for a while in salt solution to clean them from negative energy.


It’s necessary to install lamp in the south-western part of house and turn on it in evening, this will increase luck in love. Floor lamp or red lamp will be suitable. Turning on lamp for 40 days, every day for 2 hours, activation program will be activated to increase personal happiness.

Feng Shui for love: choose one of elements

Phoenix and red dragon

Heavenly phoenix and red dragon, painted together represent happy marriage, success, and prosperity of family, birth of smart and beautiful children with beautiful future. It’s trendy element for Feng Shui for love. Dragon is masculine, phoenix feminine, but it’s only in this pair.

Feng Shui for love:, lamps in Feng Shui, dragon and phoenix in Feng Shui







Additional support for Feng Shui are pillows that must match color range of bedroom.

Feng Shui for love, pillows in Feng Shui, pictures in Feng ShuiPictures

In interior of bedroom there must be pictures that please eye and soothe. It’s impossible that on walls hung pictures with image of any negative phenomena and events. It’s also unfavorable to place images and elements of water, glass, and glassware in bedroom. And pink and peach colors will not only refresh room, but will also attract new feelings.

Feng Shui for love, candles in Feng Shui for love isn't suitable


Strangely enough, it sounds, but lighted candles are bad feng shui. Fire in zones of love isn’t allowed.

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