Green Fairy cocktail recipe: make your evening special with magic cocktail

Cocktail is an opportunity to feel like a steep bartender in slippers. When you don’t go out from the house, don’t hang out in smoke-filled clubs, and feel the taste of life, well, for example, like James Bond. He was a famous connoisseur and a lover of cocktails. In general, the fashion to mix liquids in one glass went well from very immemorial times: the first recipes appeared almost in the manuscripts under King Babylon, and then the ancient Greeks peeped this chip and adapted to dilute the tart red wine with mineral water. And these were ordinary people, well, so the Gods of Olympus mixed divine nectars with the morning dew. The magic of these recipes has reached our days, and we are not averse to blending into our glass something incredibly tasty. For any reason, we have cocktail recipes at home. Do not be shy, watch, study, try! Today we chose Green Fairy cocktail recipe.

green fairy cocktail recipe, make your day special

Green Fairy cocktail recipe: magic cocktail

These are ingredients for Green Fairy cocktail recipe.

  • Amaretto Liqueur  60 ml
  • Rum white 30 ml
  • Vodka 30 ml
  • Sugarcane 5 cubes
  • Lime for filing
  • Fresh mint for filing

 As you see Green Fairy is an alcoholic cocktail, we recommend making it for an evening. Serve with delicious cake or desserts.

green fairy cocktail recipe, ingredients

Green Fairy Cocktail Recipe: How to make “Green Fairy” cocktail

Let’s begin:

  1. Fill the piles with ice cubes.
  2. On the shaker, put a strainer, put cane sugar and pour almond liqueur through its cubes.
  3. Absorb the absinthe through the sugar.
  4. Add a white rum, vodka, lime juice and ice water to the shaker.
  5. Pour the cocktail over the piles, decorate with lime circles, mint and immediately serve.

green fairy cocktail recipe, how to make green fairy cocktail

Green Fairy cocktail recipe is already yours, a pleasant appetite!




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