Hair color 2018: 7 best stylish colors for hair dying ideas 2018

2018 can be safely called a period of triumph of blond girls: light colors are more in demand than ever! Nevertheless, not all shades will tell others about your good taste and ability to keep track of the latest trends in world of hairdressing fashion. So what hair color 2018 should you choose to look fresh and relevant?

hair color 2018, 7 best stylish hair colors in hair dying ideas 2018

Hair color 2018: stylish hues

Platinum blond

Cold tone with very light silvery-ashy ebb is in hair color 2018 trend. With this color it is necessary to handle with a degree of caution, firstly, it is not so easy to achieve. So painting should be carried out by a master with an irreproachable reputation as colorist. Most likely, you will have to subject yourself to procedure of complete discoloration. Otherwise, you will get the most irrelevant yellowness of hair.

hair color 2018, stylish platinum blond color in hair dying ideas 2018

In combination with freckles or olive tone of face, it looks not noble. You can try technique of staining with darkened roots, which have been used by almost all Hollywood blondes for several seasons.

Strawberry blond

A soft light blond with light note of strawberry color reminds color that is obtained when we dip juicy berry into glass with cold champagne. This color is suitable for most girls, as it can soften austere appearance, give a touch of playfulness, refresh your face and draw attention to unusual overflows of hair in the sun.

hair color 2018, strawberry blond color in hair dying ideas 2018By the way, stylists recommend using strawberry blond not on whitened hair, but on light light-brown color with a nut or on honey blonde. This is how this color looks most natural and organic.

Hair color 2018: stylish shades


This color can be tried by girls who by nature have a light brown hair color. Combination of caramel and golden strands creates exactly this effect. Hair shimmers in the sun with natural tones of gold and looks very natural as if red color is your own. Golden-red is in hair color 2018 trend.

hair color 2018, golden red shade in hair dying ideas 2018


Copper locks always add image of drive and vigor, but in 2018 this color can hardly be embodiment of passion. If you get a ray of sunshine, your hair will begin to play with deep copper tones, giving playfulness and fervor to the exterior.

hair color 2018, ginger red color in hair dying ideas 2018


It’s luxurious shade of red, which, by the way, is not so simple to achieve usual coloring. In 2018, this color should have weakly expressed red subtle, differing in uniformity. In addition, this tincture is categorically not suitable too tanned skin, it is best to depict pallor and light color of eyes.

hair color 2018, bronze color in hair dying ideas 2018

Hair color 2018: fashionable dark shades

Girls who like to color their hair in dark colors, stylists paid much attention. We can say that brown-haired women are at the peak of popularity because exquisite colors of chocolate are undoubted favorites of hair color 2018 trend.

hair color 2018, dark shades in hair color trends 2018Iced coffee

It’s juicy color with overflows of dark and golden notes, from which it beats with sweetness. This color has saturation and depth, beautifully shimmers in the light and gives hair healthy sheen. Thus, it perfectly sits on natural blond or brown locks and fits almost all types of appearance. In coffee tone, swarthy girls immediately become more refined.

hair color 2018, iced coffee color in hair color trends 2018


Hue of chocolate mauve is favorite of 2018. Color is very unusual, cold and bright. Dark and rich color of bitter chocolate is amazingly shaded by lilac pod, giving hair a frosty sheen. We advise this color to girls who usually choose black hair dye. As chocolate-lilac looks much larger and more expensive, providing curls with incredible shades of rich dark color.

hair color 2018, chocolate lilac color in hair color trends 2018

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