Nail art 2018: top trends and colors in nail designs 2018

Female fingers are one of main adornments of any fashionista. If once it was fashionable to grow nails of enormous length and use very bright colors for their decoration than main trend of nail art is maximum naturalness: they should not be too long or frilly, and color schemes contain basically muted shades. Let’s see what nail art 2018 trends are in fashion.

nail art 2018, stylish trends and ideas in nail designs 2018

Nail art 2018: actual colors and original drawings for nails in 2018

Black, orange, bright red or blue are no longer in trend. Peach, beige, cream, pale blue or pink, light brown, sand are the best choice for women of fashion in nail art 2018.

nail art 2018, pale blue nails, pink nails

Here are several options for nail designs 2018:

  • Relatively bright background and pattern in gentle tones
  • Emphasis on image with expressive color and softer background

It is important to choose optimal texture, in nail trends 2018 the most popular options are:

  • Marble
  • Crowned diamond
  • Rhinestones
  • Multi-colored ornament: the so-called sweet bloom
  • Geometric figures
  • Hieroglyphs and symbols
  • Animalistic: drawings of animals
  • Effect of glass shards
  • Overlapping lines
  • Floristics: images of flowers and other vegetation

nail art 2018, marble nails, nails with rhinestones

nail art 2018, nails with hieroglyphs and symbols

nail art 2018, animalistic nails, floristic nails

Nail art 2018: manicure with kamifubuki and thematic drawings on nails

Now confetti as a design element of manicure is one of main trends of nail art 2018. At the same time, you will not have to manufacture yourself, because kamifubuki is ready-made set of nail accessories. The unique task of woman of fashion is to compose original design and cover with a layer of special lacquer.

nail art 2018, fashionable kamifubuki nails 2018Pussies and dogs, beautiful roses and tropical palms, the most interesting buildings and cars, portraits and landscapes are in trend of nail designs 2018. After all, on each plate you can put your own unique pattern, turning already graceful fingers into real work of art.

nail art 2018, landscapes on nails, tropical themes on nails

Sliders are special thin films that women glue to nail plates. Being made of natural ingredients, they are absolutely harmless to structure of nail and to adjacent skin of fingers. Plates don’t become thinner or brittle, and skin doesn’t change color at all.

nail art 2018, stylish nail design with sliders

The main advantage of a manicure is its extraordinary simplicity. Use sliders easily, for example, paste an ordinary sticker on any surface.

Nail art 2018: 3D Patterns

Elegance of lines, perfect combination of all elements and excellent details,  all these help to make manicure truly outstanding. This is one of varieties of famous style with exotic name in nail art 2018, in which as working tools designers use not ordinary polishes, but polymer clay and acrylic. Also, you can add rhinestones and sequins.

nail art 2018, stylish 3d nail design 2018Thus, there are several types of such manicure:

  • Caviar nails:  decorate nails with small colored balls, locate in close proximity to each other
  • Gel on the nail plates, apply a viscous consistency, which after complete drying forms a three-dimensional pattern on nails

nail art 2018, knitted nails, caviar nails

  • Multilayered, where one of layers uses a coating of blondes
  • Fur: thanks to use of velvet spraying it seems that plates are covered with natural fur
  • Knitted: with help of gel-polish on each nail you can leave real yarn, reminiscent of cover of sweater or another related wardrobe thing.

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