Nail trends 2018: new trends and nail art accessories

Monochrome or multicolored nails, ombre or metallic effect, bright or pastel? In this season in the nails design don’t limit yourself to anything and try on different versions of a manicure! We suggest nail trends 2018: which ones are worth taking into service?

nail trends 2018, trends of nails and nail art accessories

Nail trends 2018: stylish techniques

  • Rings on fingers and nails

Rings on fingers and nails are in new nail trends 2018. They are worn on the upper finger’s phalanx. You can use rings as an imitation of gold or silver nails. In general, the topic of accessories for nail design is developing rapidly and is gaining popularity. The texture of the coating becomes important. Various voluminous compositions, additional decorative elements are in trend.

nail trends 2018, rings on nails and fingers

  • Acrylic powder

Manicure with the effect of sugar or with acrylic powder is in the trend. Recently, individual drawings with colored acrylic powder have sprinkled very fashionably. This diversifies the manicure, making it bulky. This design is simple: cover nail with a polish, dry, then apply a gel-polish or a thicker gel-paint pattern and, without drying it, sprinkle powder, then send it to the lamp. That’s the whole secret of powder manicure.

nail trends 2018, nails with sugar effect, nails with acrylic powder

Nail trends 2018: fashionable novelties

  • Semi-transparent manicure “Veil”

Semi-transparent manicure “Veil” is an interesting design variant in nail trends 2018, which despite the seeming complexity, is quite simple in execution. You need to apply a base, gel-lacquer translucent beige, then mix the top with a black or dark brown gel-polish in a 5: 1 ratio, apply the resulting composition to the nail, dry and then perform a black gel polish.

nail trends 2018, stylish veil nails

  • Chrome nails

Mirror coating of nails (chrome nails) is very impressive design, which is an evening version. This design is particularly popular among the novelties of 2018. It looks stylish, often combined with rhinestones and fashionable novelty: marble manicure. There are five ways for execution of technique: use special gel-polish, use false mirror nails, or labels with metallic effect, foil or use a special powder for rubbing.

nail trends 2018, chrome nails 2018

Nail trends 2018: nail decoration trends

Nowadays, you can’t do without fashion accessories for nails. Conditionally they can be divided into decorative small forms for spraying (crumb, dust, microbial, etc.), various stickers and applications, volumetric ornaments (large crystals, pearls, volumetric elements), feathers, and others. They are attached to a non-dried lacquer or special glue. Let’s see what decoration accessories are in nail trends 2018.

nail trends 2018, nail art accessories

  • Rhinestones

Smaller pebbles are fashionable in an everyday manicure. In the daytime version of the manicure, rhinestones don’t cover all the nails but only place the accents.

nail trends 2018, nails with rhinestones

  • Sequins and confetti

The color palette of sequins is wide enough to harmoniously match them to almost any type of manicure. Lately, large size sparkles have become increasingly popular: both colored and transparent.

nail trends 2018, nails with sequins, nails with confetti

  • Pearls and seashells

Pearl jewelry is perfect for evening or sea manicure. Seashells are ornaments for creating a mosaic nail design. Shells have a marvelous mother-of-pearl ebb and an unusual shape.

nail trends 2018, nail with seashells, nails with pearls

Nail trends 2018: stylish nail decorations

  • Velvet nails

Velvet nails are in nail trends 2018. A burgundy or dark blue lace, gently pink are trendy for velvet nails. The flock doesn’t lose its appearance when it comes to water, therefore, it is also practical.
nail trends 2018, velvet nails 2018

  • Nails with lace

The light lace is suitable for a manicure of almost any stylistic orientation. It’s enough to fix with a clear polish and an elegant fashion manicure is ready.

nail trends 2018, nails with lace

  • Feathers

Natural feathers are an unusual variant of an accessory for nails,  but manicure with them is always very interesting and unusual. However, feathers of different shades are usually used for oriental nail design.

nail trends 2018, nails with feathers

  • Dry leaves

Thus, another accessory for decorating nails of natural origin. Leaves and dried flowers ideally look in the autumn manicure. This natural material is suitable for working with gel-polish and for creating a three-dimensional aquarium design.

nail trends 2018, nails with dry leaves

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