Space nails: stylish trend from Instagram for nail design, try it definitely

More and more popular is nail art depicting galaxies, stars, and other elements of cosmic landscape. Make it so that universe was at your fingertips, very simple. Let’s see what space nails are in trend.

space nails, galaxy nails, cosmic nails, Instagram nail trend

Space nails: features of style

There is nothing surprising in fact that universal love for space theme poured out into emergence of new manicure trend. In salons and at home, girls draw Milky Way on nails and show resulting creations of space nails on net, distributing them using #galaxynails hashtag. Variations of cosmic manicure can be a lot, it all depends on imagination of author. But still, there are elements common to all versions: combination of shades of blue, violet, blue and pink, light haze (created using same technique as manicure ombre), splashes and points denoting stars. Sometimes they are also supplemented with glitter, to create spectacular cosmic nails.

space nails, galaxy nails, cosmic nails, stylish features for space nails

Stock up with all necessary nail polish and tools (you will need sponge and toothpick) to start creating your cosmic manicure. It isn’t difficult to make it.

 Nail preparation

Start with standard for any manicure nail preparation. Adjust shape and length, move cuticle, polish surface of nail plate. Then apply basecoat on it.

Galaxy nails: creation steps

 Background layer

On top of transparent base, you will also need to apply another layer (or even two, for density of color) on background layer on galaxy nails. Give preference to either black or dark blue hue.

space nails, galaxy nails, cosmic nails, step by step guide for galaxy nailsDrawing Galaxy

Prepare colored varnishes in order to decorate nails with galaxies and nebulae: blue, lilac, lavender, turquoise. Cut off piece from sponge or cosmetic sponge. Put on one of its surfaces colored varnish and, gently touching them with nails, proceed to create picture. Apply shades on each other until you get effect of fog on nails.

space nails, galaxy nails, cosmic nails, tips and tricks for cosmic nails

Final touches

It remains to complete the resulting design in several details. First, use toothpick and white lacquer to place on each nail on several noticeable points, so you get flickering stars. Secondly, add a little transparent varnish with glitter: sequins can be large and small, in form of straw or any other.

space nails, galaxy nails, cosmic nails, design ideas for cosmic nails

Top coat

Complete your space manicure by applying topcoat. Use glossy shine.

space nails, galaxy nails, cosmic nails, nail design ideas for galaxy nails

space nails, galaxy nails, cosmic nails, trendy space nail design

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