Summer nails 2018: trends and ideas of summer nail art

Summer … Each of us has a variety of associations with this warm and unique season. Summer gives us an abundance of colors and hues: flamboyant and provocative, gentle and pacifying. All this is reflected in the summer nails 2018 design, which is also full of unique and fashionable shades. For some fashionistas, a summer nail art is inconceivable without bright colors and riot of shades, various prints, and decorating elements. Others, on the contrary, are seduced by pastel colors, light simple drawings that evoke a feeling of tenderness and freedom. In our review, we reflect the preferences of both categories of women of fashion, so every girl can choose voguish summer 2018 nail colors.

summer nails 2018, trends and ideas of summer nail art

Summer nails 2018: French manicure

In the summer nails 2018, the French radically changes its habitual traditional appearance. If the usual French manicure combines a combination of calm pastel tones, then in the summer French they are bright bold shades and prints.

To create a summer French nails 2018 it’s enough to replace classic white strip with a multicolored stripe, otherwise, make it wider.

summer nails 2018, fashionable summer French nails 2018“Smile” in the French manicure can undergo a variety of changes. Clear edges of the strip can be blurred or with rhinestones, brooches or beads of bright colors. For a summer French nails 2018, choose contrasting shades to highlight the “smile”.

summer nails 2018, stylish French summer nails 2018

Summer nails 2018: Lunar summer manicure

Lunar manicure gives opportunities for creating an original design of marigolds and it’s in the summer nails 2018 trend. The allocation of the root well visually extends the nails, so the moon manicure is ideal for short marigolds.

In the summer lunar manicure, special attention pay to the root well, which can have a bright contrasting shade or change its shape. The classical shape of the hole replaces by a triangular or in heart form.

summer nails 2018, lunar summer manicure 2018 Play with the edges of the hole, highlighting them with beads or drawings. The so-called reverse moon manicure is gaining popularity, simply bent the socket in the opposite direction. Especially spectacularly looks the reverse moon manicure with a reflected hole on top of the nail. It turns out a kind of frame that visually rounds the nails and makes the design more rigorous.

summer nails 2018, stylish summer moon manicure 2018

summer nails 2018, summer reverse moon manicure 2018

Summer nail art: summer manicure 2018 with flowers

Flower summer nail art will look marvelous in many variations. Roses, peonies, forget-me-nots, gerberas, poppies, orchids can be displayed on all nails and on 1-2 accented fingers.

summer nails 2018, stylish summer nails 2018 with flowers

Use ready-made drawings to create a floral pattern. Simply glue on the individual nails fashionable floral prints, other fingers paint in intonating colors.

summer nails 2018, summer nails 2018 with flowers

Summer nail art: fruity summer manicure and ombre

What summer nails without juicy sweet fruits and berries. Summer nail art is full of fruit prints.

Manicure with fruits and berries is the classic of the summer manicure, but with each season it brings interesting new items. In 2018 one of them became a design with appetizing fruit on the nails.

summer nails 2018, summer nail art, summer nails with fruits and berries

This manicure looks amazingly fresh and juicy. You will not go unnoticed with such a summer design.

Hit of summer 2018 is the watermelon and strawberries nail designs. No less popular are kiwi, orange, exotic fruits.

You can arrange the drawings in a few variations:  on all the nails at once, on 1-2 accent nails or even decorate the marigolds of one hand with a print, for example, watermelon, and the other with kiwi.

summer nails 2018, summer nail art, summer nails with fruits and berries

Don’t like strict imposed rules, then ombre style is just for you. The smoothness of the transition of hues speaks of the softness of its owner.

Summer nails 2018:  drawings and decors

Ombre can stay in contrasting bright colors, which at first glance are not compatible. Be sure, ombre technique is able to combine even the most opposite shades.

Use 2-3 shades, but no more, otherwise your manicure will turn into a continuous abstract spot on the nails.

summer nails 2018, summer nail art, summer ombre nails 2018First, apply the lightest shade to the nails, supplementing it with darker shades. Thus, in the summer nails 2018, you can use drawings of your favorite animals: cats, puppies, cartoon characters.

More restrained looks manicure with butterflies, bees, ladybirds and other summer motifs.

summer nails 2018, summer nail art, summer nails with animals and birds

Summer 2018 nail colors: summer nail shades

Unfortunately, summer is not always a holiday and fun, for many, sunny days are spent in work and business. However, you needn’t limit your desire to create a summer attractive manicure.

summer nails 2018, summer nail art, summer 2018 nail colorsSimply use more calm shades of traditional summer flowers. French or lunar manicure with soft calm shades beautifully look in the summer design.

What summer 2018 nail colors are in the trend? Classic red, yellow, green colors replace with milky pink, lemon-golden, cream, mint or olive shades.

summer nails 2018, summer nail art, summer 2018 nail colors, summer nail designs 2018


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