Wedding hairstyles 2018: trends, ideas and tips for bridal hairstyles

We will look through wedding hairstyles 2018 trends in this article. Try on yourself a couple of images and choose the most successful and suitable for you.

wedding hairstyles 2018, trends and ideas of bridal hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles 2018: fashion trends

We can’t fail to note the simplicity and brevity of the wedding hairstyles 2018 created by designers. Romantic ringlets, tails, bunches, very simple hairstyles are in trend. Thus, simply create waves using ironing or vice versa lay hair with a gel in a smooth hairstyles 2018, bridal hairstyles 2018


Barrettes with rhinestones, diadems in the bindweed form, bandages with small neat bows, studs with pearls are in fashion. Make a beautiful styling on the side with rhinestones or fix a bunch of hairpin in a minimalist style. So, comb hair back, and for a secure fixation use a bezel or crown. By the way, hairstyles for medium or for long hair harnessed back are considered an actual trend of 2018.

wedding hairstyles 2018, wedding hairstyles with accessories


The classic everyday hairstyle is often the tail. If it is slightly ennobled, curl your hair, tie a stylish ribbon or use a beautiful hairpin. Fashionable wedding hairstyles 2018 with a tail have several variants: tail with light ringlets, high horsetail form or a smooth laying with a low tail.

wedding hairstyles 2018, wedding hairstyle with tail

Wedding hairstyles 2018: stylish hairstyles

Fashionable couturiers offer romantic wreaths from small roses or field flowers as a novelty in wedding hairstyles 2018. This beautiful wedding accessory can decorate absolutely any hairstyle whether it’s gathered hair or loose. A small wreath will suit you with wedding short hair. Just order a hair ornament from real flowers or handmade flowers from clay or other materials.

wedding hairstyles 2018, wedding hairstyles with flowers and wreaths

For several seasons fashion hasn’t come up with images with slightly disheveled hairstyles in the boho style. To make a simple wedding hairstyle, plait in it a small inflorescence of field plants. For reliable fixing, use invisible hair color.

wedding hairstyles 2018, wedding boho hairstyle


Bunch always looks great as a holiday hairstyle. Also, use a fleece or bagel to make a more voluminous version of the styling. Sprinkle hair with a cosmetic composition for styling with sea salt to make dense and pliable hairstyle.

wedding hairstyles 2018, wedding hairstyle with beam

Wedding hairstyles 2018: voguish trends


Wedding hairstyles 2018 provide options for Hollywood hairstyle with an elongated bang. Also, light waves are in the trend.

wedding hairstyles 2018, wedding hairstyle with curles


Fashionable hairstyles of 2018 can’t be imagined without a beautiful weaving. Braid a braid on its side and slightly dissolve it by decorating with the wedding decor or inflorescences or braid the thin braids from the bangs in the rim form. So, braid the braid on the parting, which ends with an elegant beam on the vertex.

wedding hairstyles 2018, wedding hairstyles with braids

Hairstyles with a veil

Wedding hairstyles 2018 differ in the active use of accessories and headdresses. In the trend, extravagant hats with wide margins, small sparkling diadems, flower bandages or a bow, as well as small rims or hats with a veil. So, a veil is marvelous with a tight-fitting wedding dress, a mermaid’s style looks great with a long train or wedding dress.

wedding hairstyles 2018, wedding hairstyle with veil


Wedding fashion 2018 is full of unexpected experiments. Actual wedding hairstyles provide not just minimalism and brevity, but absolute absence of festive laying as such. On the catwalks, the bride was defiled in wedding dresses with a veil fastened to the simplest everyday styling in the light beach waves on the square. Now in fashion, a straight short square with a smooth cut. Give the hair volume and fix your veil.

wedding hairstyles 2018, square hairstyle

You’ll have a marvelous and stylish image if you follow our tips and suggested trends.

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