Wedding makeup 2018: 7 stylish trends of bridal makeup

Wedding makeup is an area traditionally conservative. On this important day, few people decide to experiment with makeup, giving preference to proven options in gentle pastel tones. If you want to make a variety in image, but don’t plan to go too far, look at trends in wedding makeup 2018.

wedding makeup 2018, 7 stylish trends of bridal makeup 2018

Wedding makeup 2018: trends

1. Wine Lips

A bright lipstick won’t destroy a gentle and innocent image if all rest of wedding makeup is in neutral colors. It is enough to use golden or silver shadows on eyelids, slightly emphasize eyelashes and cheekbones, add a drop of highlighter. Wine lipstick can be matte, as in Anne Barge’s show, or bright glossy, applied in technique of ombre, as on Naeem Khan’s show. This is one of the important trends in wedding makeup 2018.

wedding makeup 2018, stylish wine lips

2. Sequins

Bride should shine, and if makeup in technique of strobing isn’t enough for you, add a little larger spangles. Apply crumbly glitter on cheekbones or glue in area of temples a few rhinestones, as in Nicole’s show. The main thing is not to overdo it. We have already talked about wedding dresses 2018 trends.

wedding makeup 2018, bridal makeup with sequins

3.Red haze

Blush for half a face, occupying area from cheekbones to eyebrows, we saw on fashion shows last year. In 2018, bold trend got to wedding fashion. In this makeup, main thing is perfect face tone: bright color of shadows will emphasize the slightest reddening of skin. Therefore, before applying a shadow or blush in this technique, read material on how to use red shades in makeup of eyes.

wedding makeup 2018, red makeup, red haze makeup

Wedding makeup 2018: choice is up to you

Here are other stylish trends of wedding makeup 2018 for your marvelous look.

4. White arrows

Arrows in tone to a white dress will immediately make whole image more rigorous, graphic and, of course, memorable. Here we are talking about pencils and eyeliner, which will help to draw clear arrows.

wedding makeup 2018, bridal makeup with white arrows

5. Brown smoky

Classic black or gray tux in wedding makeup may look too gross and out of place, but a light chocolate haze will just be right. Brunettes can use more intense shadows, but brides with blond hair should stop on shade of coffee with milk. Also read about wedding nails 2018 trends.

wedding makeup 2018, bridal makeup with brown smoky eyes

6. Gentle makeup

The most innocent, touching and gentle image is makeup without makeup. To look fresh, choose light pink shades of shadows, blush, and lipstick. The option and truth are win-win.

wedding makeup 2018, gentle wedding makeup, gentle bridal makeup

7.Bright wedding makeup

Do you want makeup brighter? Then focus on lips. Color of lipstick can be chosen depending on shades prevailing in your wedding design: red, saturated pink, terracotta, etc. And don’t forget that lipstick should be not only beautiful but also resistant. How to choose a shade of lipstick? Here rule works: for light skin-cold colors, for tanned – warm. Also, you can read about wedding hairstyles 2018.

wedding makeup 2018, bright bridal makeup, bright wedding makeup

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